Temperature monitoring

Monitor the temperature of your food and waste in real time!

With monitoring solutions from EUSATEC you can permanently monitor the temperature of your food and waste.
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How does temperature monitoring work with EUSATEC?

Monitor temperatures always and everywhere - fully automated. With the temperature monitoring solution from EUSATEC, you comply with the legal obligation to seemlessly document temperature trends without extensive manual work.

Whether in food monitoring or composting. Fully automated and self-sufficient - i.e. without electricity or internet - the measuring devices transmit the measured values to our in-house EUSATEC Cloud with servers in Germany. There they can be viewed and read out. If the values exceed or fall below the defined limits, you automatically receive an alarm notification and can thus react quickly.

This technology opens up completely new application scenarios as well as opportunities to significantly simplify existing processes. As a development company, we naturally also offer you possibilities to transfer the data into your company's own software, as well as your requirements for customised solutions.

EUSATEC monitoring solutions in use for temperature monitoring

The wireless automated EUSATEC monitoring system provides real-time temperature monitoring. The system can be configured and the measurement data viewed conveniently via app or internet browser. You set the threshold values and automatically receive information via app on your smartphone or screen if they are exceeded. Learn more about this in our video.

Monitoring the temperature of food e.g. in cold rooms or refrigerators
Monitoring the temperature of waste and compost

EUSATEC temperature monitoring in action

Waste and compost

Monitor and optimise the conversion process of organic waste into compost, or monitor the temperature in your hay silage or bales and protect yourself from the risk of fire! The temperature curve provides a holistic overview of all phases of the composting process. The reports produced are proof for authorities and customers and demonstrate that the compost has been produced in accordance with current regulations. The wireless temperature sensors are easy to recognise in the signal colour red, extremely robust and compatible with all common composting systems, such as open compost heaps or closed boxes.

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Food products

Finally reliably measure and document temperatures of your cold rooms, refrigerators, refrigerated trailers, etc. Why is this so important? First of all, it's about the safety of your food. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial to prevent food from spoiling or dangerous bacteria from growing. At the same time, temperature also affects the quality of your products. Consistent temperatures ensure that your food stays fresh and tastes good. Furthermore, our EUSATEC solutions make it easier for you to comply with legal regulations in food safety, as they automatically take care of the monitoring.


EUSATEC IoT Platform

Keep your food and waste at the right temperature with the EUSATEC platform

With the EUSATEC IoT platform, you keep track of all your devices on one platform. You can register almost unlimited devices on the platform and control, manage and optimise them in our dashboard. The possibilities are endless, no matter which network, which problem and which device, we develop customised individual IoT solutions for you. Just get in touch with us!