EUSATEC Monitoring

Measure, control, optimise and alert with IoT

Monitoring and documentation of temperature and water quality in real time with monitoring solutions from EUSATEC.
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How do our monitoring solutions work?

Security and control through monitoring

Monitor temperatures always and everywhere - fully automated. With the temperature monitoring solution from EUSATEC, you comply with the legal obligation to seamlessly document temperature trends without extensive manual work. Whether in food monitoring or composting. In addition, you can also ensure the quality of your water with our EUSATEC solutions. Fully automated and self-sufficient - i.e. without electricity or internet - the measuring devices transmit the measured values to our in-house EUSATEC Cloud with servers in Germany. There they can be viewed and read out. If the values exceed or fall below the defined limits, you automatically receive an alarm notification and can thus react quickly. This technology opens up completely new application scenarios as well as opportunities to significantly simplify existing processes. As a development company, we naturally also offer you possibilities to transfer the data into your company's own software, as well as your requirements for customised solutions.

We develop individual solutions and offer access to a suitable high-availability LPWAN network (Low Power Wide Area Network).

EUSATEC monitoring solutions in use

Discover the application possibilities of our monitoring solutions, which we have already implemented several times in different industries. You can get more insights in our video.

Monitoring of water quality e.g. in water management or agriculture
Monitoring of temperature e.g. in the food industry or waste management
Monitoring Wasser

Water quality monitoring

You can monitor the quality of your water by means of monitoring. You can query a wide range of values at any time via the EUSATEC IoT platform, such as the pH value, oxygen content, temperature, etc. If certain limit values are reached, you will receive a message on your smartphone in real time.

Monitoring Temperatur

Temperature monitoring

The possibilities are almost unlimited. Whether monitoring cold chains or composting - the wireless automated EUSATEC monitoring system provides temperature monitoring in real time. The system can be conveniently configured via app or internet browser and the measurement data can be viewed in the EUSATEC Cloud.

Monitoring water quality or temperature via the EUSATEC Cloud

With our EUSATEC monitoring solutions, the current status of the water quality. or the temperature is measured in real time and transmitted to our EUSATEC cloud. This process is automated and fail-safe. We have also set up a comprehensive alarm function which ensures that you receive direct notification as soon as something changes in the quality of your water or the temperature of your products.

Nowadays, networking takes place in completely independent networks called LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), which ensure efficient data transmission over very long distances with extremely low energy requirements.

Your company can also benefit from the Internet of Things!