IoT solutions for the construction industry and trade

Optimising the construction industry and crafts with EUSATEC

With EUSATEC IoT solutions, you keep an overview of your machines, devices and buildings and increase the efficiency of your processes in everyday work
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How can companies in the construction industry or in the skilled trades benefit from EUSATEC solutions?

Increase the efficiency of your processes and ensure security

In the construction industry and in the trades, many companies are already benefiting from efficient IoT solutions. They already ensure increased safety and efficiency on construction sites. Intelligent systems offer numerous possibilities for optimising everyday work and processes, for example by monitoring machine and vehicle fleets, securing and monitoring the location of construction machines and equipment, which means they can be found more quickly, or through efficient material and warehouse management, e.g. also for equipment inventory.

In addition, tracking can be used to protect buildings against burglary, fire and water. IoT solutions therefore promise great benefits for construction, industrial and trade companies.


Machine park monitoring

Our EUSATEC IoT solutions can help you with various problems in the construction industry. Learn more about how our EUSATEC IoT solutions are already increasing efficiency on construction sites while protecting against theft.

IoT Tracking Cut

GPS tracking for vehicles and items

Our EUSATEC IoT solutions are already used by many companies in the construction industry and in the trades. We would be happy to support your company as well. Learn more about how our EUSATEC IoT solutions use GPS tracking to monitor your vehicles and objects in real time.

And your sector?

Your industry is not (yet) included? No problem! We are specialised in developing individual IoT solutions for your industry / your company. We offer complete solutions without compromise and specifically address your requirements.

Your sector - our EUSATEC solutions.

EUSATEC IoT Platform

Integrate your equipment for monitoring your machines and vehicles in the EUSATEC platform

With the EUSATEC IoT platform, you keep track of all your devices on one platform. You can register almost unlimited devices on the platform and control, manage and optimise them in our dashboard. The possibilities are endless, no matter which network, which problem and which device, we develop customised individual IoT solutions for you. Just get in touch with us!

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