All IoT devices on one platform

The EUSATEC IoT platform allows you to seamlessly manage, control and optimise your IoT devices.
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How does our EUSATEC IoT platform work?

Keep an overview of your devices

Our EUSATEC IoT platform is designed to provide you with a user-friendly interface to manage and monitor all your IoT devices - even with alarm capabilities if you wish. Thanks to its wide range of versatile functions the EUSATEC IoT platform allows you to have a highly comfortable administration and comprehensive monitor of your IoT devices. This approach aims to make your entire IoT ecosystem to be optimised in such a way that a maximum efficiency in operational processes is ensured. These features are designed to simplify the control of your IoT devices, including the configuration and updating of equipment as well as the early error detectionwhich can have a positive effect on overall performance.

No matter where you are and what IoT solutions you use, our flexible and multifunctional platform allows you to keep everything in view. What's more, we can easily implement your own ideas using free network technologies such as SigFox or LoRaWan.

Versatile application possibilities of the EUSATEC IoT platform

For further insights into the benefits of our IoT platform, discover our video. Find out how the EUSATEC IoT platform can expand your possibilities, your IoT ecosystem to the fullest extent, and at the same time optimise your operational processes.

Are you Hardware providers? You too can use our EUSATEC platform and control all your devices via one platform. We are open to third-party hardware. Just ask us!

Alarm systems (also GPS supported)
Motion detector
Door/window sensors
Fire/smoke detector
Glass breakage detector
Vibration detector
CO² gas detector
Water level indicator/ level indicator
GPS Tracker for private and commercial use
GPS solutions for logistics companies
GPS solutions with fleet management / vehicle data transmission
Monitoring for fish ponds (monitoring of temperature, PH value, oxygen content)
Monitoring for nurseries (monitoring soil moisture, soil temperature, air/room temperature, humidity, etc.)
Water leakage detector etc.

EUSATEC Cloud - What is it?

The EUSATEC Cloud is a revolutionary platform that brings your IoT devices together in a seamless virtual environment, regardless of their type or origin. No matter where you are, regardless of the devices or systems you use, the EUSATEC Cloud connects all networks and devices. This innovative solution enables extremely convenient management and comprehensive monitoring of your IoT devices.

The advantages of the EUSATEC Cloud at a glance

Data of the EUSATEC Cloud is stored on own servers in German data centres
Use as "white label" possible
Quick and uncomplicated possibility of integrating further device types
Simple registration and implementation of a wide range of manufacturer-independent IoT devices
Management of multiple user levels

EUSATEC Cloud supports diverse networks



"LoRa" stands for"Long Range"and "WAN" for Wide Area Network.

As with SigFox, the LoraWAN standard relies on licence-free radio frequencieswhere you can start transmitting immediately and no one has to ask for permission, buy frequencies expensively or rent them. Another advantage is that we operate our own LoRa servers.

LoRaWAN operates without SIM cards with a centrally managed ID, with which the individual device can be recognised and addressed.



Sigfox is a provider that has built a worldwide LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network).

This network is based on generally accessible frequencies, which may be used free of charge under certain conditions.

The frequency costs amount to 0€ because these frequencies are generally approved in many countries (ISM band) and are located in the lower frequency range. This makes them predestined a high range with little transmitting power and hence the term "low power".

With this network, SIM cards are not required and are managed directly by device ID via our platform.


Mobile-based devices (2/3/4/5G)

In case neither Sigfox nor LoRaWAN is an option for you, we also offer the possibility of connecting your devices via Mobile radio to our EUSATEC Cloud. We will find a solution for every requirement, just contact us!


Other networks

In addition to LoRaWan, Sigfox or mobile radio, we also offer Narrowband, MQTT or TCP and are open to other networks. Basically, we build and develop our own networks, operate them and check the availability for you. We will be happy to advise you on what comes into question for you. Get in touch with us!