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What is IoT and how does it work?

Connections between the physical and digital world

The Internet of Things (IoT, Internet of Things) refers to physical objects equipped with sensors and software to communicate wirelessly with other objects, such as devices or sensors, people and processes. This allows them to act autonomously and exchange information in real time with each other as M2M (machine-to-machine) and/or with a cloud.

Digital systems document, monitor and adapt every interaction between networked objects to achieve wireless automation and control with minimal human involvement.

The Internet of Things has since become one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Already today, more than 10 billion IoT devices are interconnected.

Automation in many areas

Many industries and sectors can benefit from the use of IoT technologies - be it in manufacturing and utilities, healthcare, agriculture or transport and logistics. The data collected in this way is used to:

Monitoring and optimisation of machines, product quality, workflows and processes
Monitoring of environmental conditions
Tracking and location
Anti-theft protection
Fleet management
Increasing productivity and efficiency of business processes
Creating new business models and revenue streams

Data transmission via LPWAN - fast, far, secure

The efficient LPWAN technology enables fast data transmission over long distances with low energy consumption and high security standards.


Fast data transmission over long distances

Nowadays, the networking of sensors with the cloud and other things is done in completely independent networks called LPWAN (low power wide area network). These networks enable efficient data transmission over very long distances with extremely low energy requirements.

For this there are. e.g. IoT networks from LoRaWan or Sigfox. It operates in the licence-free and free ISM band at 868 MHz - 868.6 MHz.

Due to the low frequency, the radio network is building-penetrating and has a large propagation, e.g. with Sigfox, ranges of up to 1.5km in urban areas and up to 5km out of town are possible with a small mini radio cell. An official Sigfox base station achieves a range of up to 10km in urban areas and up to 50km out of town (depending on the topology).

LoRaWan or Sigofx networks are already very well developed in Germany, Europe and worldwide and offer versatile possibilities for innovative IoT applications.


High security of data transmission

The LPWAN-technology offers an additional advantage compared to conventional mobile networks: the signal of the individual units can not be disturbed as they are not constantly logged into a network. As a result, they are not directly accessible from the internet and protected against hacking attacks.

Another plus point is that the devices do not have to be permanently online, which leads to an reduction of the energy demand and has an extremely positive effect on battery life.

Control and monitor your IoT devices

Ready to go with the EUSATEC IoT platform

Our EUSATEC IoT Platform is your solution to efficiently manage and control your IoT devices. Out-of-the-box, it provides you with a scalable, flexible and multifunctional environment to realise the full potential of your IoT devices. Through a intuitive user interface you can easily connect, monitor and control your devices. Set customised rules and automations to make your IoT network intelligent and perform tailored actions based on device data.

Conveniently manage all your devices in the EUSATEC Cloud

Independent from your location or the desired solutions our cloud solution allows you to easily manage and use your devices. The flexibility and multifunctionality of the (EUSATEC Cloud) helps you manage your IoT system efficiently. Whether it's a handful or a large number of devices on your network, our scalable infrastructure guarantees smooth performance and reliability. Experience the benefits of the EUSATEC Cloud and use it as your central tool to effectively manage your IoT devices.

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