EUSATEC Alarm and monitoring systems

Protect against fire, smoke, water and burglary!

Ensure your security with alarm and monitoring systems from EUSATEC.
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How do our EUSATEC alarm systems work?

IoT alarm systems with connection to alarm control centre

With networked hazard detectors or complex alarm systems , rooms or buildings can be monitored at a manageable cost and alerted to smoke, heat, fire, rising water, gas, hazardous substances, burglars and much more by means of message transmission, or an emergency call can be sent automatically. The best-known example is the smoke detector, which is now mandatory in many German states.

The constant further development of IoT technology facilitates and protects our lives - if used correctly!

There are many other areas of application for such hazard detectors. They can prevent major damage and protect our own health. It therefore always makes sense to invest in such safety precautions.

Together with you we develop individual safety concepts. Contact us!

EUSATEC alarm systems in use

Find out more about the areas of application of our EUSATEC alarm and monitoring systems, which are already in use in various industries. You can gain further insights in our video.

Motion detector
Door/window sensors (reed contact or magnetic contact)
Fire/smoke detector
Glass breakage detector
Vibration detector
CO² gas detector
Water level indicator
Level detector

Implementation of alarm systems in the EUSATEC Cloud

We offer a wide variety of individual complete solutions for alarm systems (e.g.: for monitoring company buildings, individual objects in free corridors, etc.). By complete, we also mean the complete background of the "alarm chain".

The EUSATEC Cloud is directly connected to the alarm control centres of Büttner Sicherheitstechnik. This means: 24 hours/7 days a week alarm readiness.

As soon as one of your security solutions (alarm, GPS alarm, fire/smoke detector, burglary, etc.) triggers an alarm, it is routed to one of the alarm control centres. This can be the triggering of a fire alarm at the responsible fire brigade, emergency doctor or police or the forwarding of information to a stored contact.

Your company can also benefit from the Internet of Things!