IoT solutions for waste management

Innovative IoT solutions drive waste management forward

EUSATEC IoT solutions monitor the temperature of your composting and warn you of fire hazards.
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How do EUSATEC IoT solutions support waste management?

A rising population, the growth of urban areas and growing environmental awareness have increased the demands on waste disposal and management. At the same time, resources are becoming scarcer and environmental regulations are tightening.

In this context, IoT solutions are crucial. They offer the opportunity to address these challenges by using data and real-time information to optimise waste management processes, use resources more efficiently and minimise environmental impacts. This is where our EUSATEC IoT solutions come in.

By seamlessly monitoring waste temperature, waste management companies can ensure that the process of converting biowaste into compost is optimal and that quality standards are met. In addition, our EUSATEC solutions are already in use to monitor the temperature of hay bales to protect against fires.

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Temperature monitoring

Our monitoring systems for controlling the conversion process of waste in action. Learn more about how our EUSATEC IoT solutions help waste management companies control and optimise their processes.

And your sector?

Your industry is not (yet) included? No problem! We are specialised in developing individual IoT solutions for your industry / your company. We offer complete solutions without compromise and specifically address your requirements.

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EUSATEC IoT Platform

Integrate your IoT devices into the EUSATEC IoT platform for regular monitoring of your composting.

With the EUSATEC IoT platform, you keep track of all your devices on one platform. You can register almost unlimited devices on the platform and control, manage and optimise them in our dashboard. The possibilities are endless, no matter which network, which problem and which device, we develop customised individual IoT solutions for you. Just get in touch with us!