IoT solutions for the water industry

Driving the water industry forward with IoT

EUSATEC IoT solutions ensure consistent water quality in your waters.
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How do EUSATEC IoT solutions support the water industry?

The water industry is facing ever-increasing challenges, from the efficient use of resources to the reduction of environmental impacts. In these rapidly evolving times, IoT solutions have become an indispensable tool for water management.

Not only do they provide a way to monitor water quality and ecosystems, but they are also extremely versatile, whether they are used to optimise water use or as smart water management systems. At EUSATEC, we pride ourselves on providing innovative IoT solutions that drive water management forward.

Our customised solutions help you meet the challenges of your industry and ensure stable and reliable water quality. Our EUSATEC solutions are already for fish farming in use to monitor water quality.

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Water quality monitoring

Our water quality monitoring systems in action. Learn more about how our EUSATEC IoT solutions help water companies control and optimise their processes.

And your sector?

Your industry is not (yet) included? No problem! We are specialised in developing individual IoT solutions specifically for your industry / your company. We offer complete solutions without compromise and respond directly to your requirements.

Your sector - our EUSATEC solutions.

EUSATEC IoT Platform

Ensure consistent quality of your waters with the EUSATEC platform

With the EUSATEC IoT platform, you keep track of all your devices on one platform. You can register almost unlimited devices on the platform and control, manage and optimise them in our dashboard. The possibilities are endless, no matter which network, which problem and which device, we develop customised individual IoT solutions for you. Just get in touch with us!