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Intelligent IoT technologies in everyday care

EUSATEC Healthcare solutions support you in the provision of care and contribute to the protection of persons in need of care.
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How can our healthcare products support you?

IoT solutions in everyday care

In the stressful daily routine of care, it is not at all uncommon for people at risk of running away to wander unobserved from their place of residence and then often only be found again with great effort. The HealthCare products from EUSATEC offer one of the few legally compliant solutions, to support your staff and ensure the safety of your residents. Our EUSATEC Smartwatch is part of our overall HealthCare solution. EUSATEC Smartwatch ist hier ein Teil unserer HealthCare Gesamtlösung.

In order to preserve the rights of freedom, position data is only recorded with manual interrogation. If one of the residents with an EUSATEC SmartWatch passes one of our gateways, e.g. in an exit area, an alarm notification is automatically sent. This is immediately transmitted to your nursing staff. Via our portal it is possible to query the current position of the person concerned, which is legally permissible due to the dangerous situation. Only for this query, and only for this query, are position data briefly transmitted from the Smartwatch to the nursing staff and visualised on an overview map.

The most important functions of our Healthcare Smartwatch at a glance

In our video you can learn more about the most important functions of our EUSATEC Healthcare Smartwatch and where it is already in use.

Fall-down alarm
Emergency button
GPS - location determination
Indoor tracking via WLAN/ Bluetooth
Bluetooth Beacon
Waterproof according to IP66
Measurement and recording of vital signs
Battery level
Nano SIM card (incl. national & international roaming)
Weight: only 40g
Clock only shows time, especially for older people, nothing can or needs to be set on the clock

Manage your healthcare solutions in EUSATEC Cloud

Which devices and which system you should use ultimately depends on the intended use. Criteria such as power supply, network coverage, size and weight are taken into account in the decision. In any case, the exact and area-wide location query and data transmission is carried out in real time and fail-safe with our systems via our (EUSATEC Cloud).

Nowadays, networking takes place in completely independent networks called LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), which ensure efficient data transmission over very long distances with extremely low energy requirements.

Your company can also benefit from the Internet of Things!