EUSATEC GPS tracking

GPS tracking of vehicles, objects and animals

With GPS tracking from EUSATEC, you can monitor the location of your vehicles, objects, machines and animals in real time.
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What is GPS tracking and how does it work?

GPS tracking at a glance

GPS trackers (Global Positioning System) are small transmittersthat are attached to objects of value, vehicles or people and animals. This makes it possible to find out the location of the objects, persons or animals. The transmitters were developed by the American military. Using satellites, the GPS module in the GPS Tracker can find out the location of the device. The data is sent to a server , processed and transmitted through the IoT network (e.g. LoRaWan or Sigfox) or GSM module to the receiving device via a server (EUSATEC Cloud), to smartphones, tablets or PCs.

GPS trackers can be useful in many situations, especially when it comes to security and efficiency. The application areas of GPS tracking are almost unlimited. There are optimised devices with useful functions and complete solutions for almost every area.

EUSATEC GPS tracking in use

Discover the diversity of our GPS tracking solutions, which are already being used successfully in a wide range of sectors. Get more insights in our video.

Vehicle fleet management
GPS tracking for bicycles
GPS tracking for person location
GPS tracking of parcels, Euro pallets, transport boxes, roller containers etc.
GPS tracking for construction machinery, containers, power generators
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GPS tracking for vehicles and items

Do you want to protect goods, equipment, machines or vehicles from theft? EUSATEC offers various solutions around route tracking, goods / euro pallets, containers, vehicle tracking with alarm solutions based on GPS, IoT and radio cell evaluations - based on the latest IoT technology.

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GPS tracking for animals

With GPS trackers from EUSATEC, you no longer have to worry about the whereabouts of your pet. Thanks to the uncomplicated connection to the EUSATEC Cloud, you can simply attach the tracker to your pet's collar or use the collar provided. The real-time tracking always keeps you informed about where your pet is.

Managing your GPS tracking devices via the EUSATEC Cloud

Which devices and which system you should use ultimately depends on the intended use. Criteria such as power supply, network coverage, size and weight are taken into account in the decision. In any case, the exact and area-wide location query and data transmission is carried out in real time and fail-safe with our systems via our (EUSATEC Cloud)Additional functions include the extensive alarm function, e.g. geo-fence with alarm message, motion alarm, speed alarm, battery alarm, SOS alarm, sensor alarm.

Nowadays, networking takes place in completely independent networks called LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network), which ensure efficient data transmission over very long distances with extremely low energy requirements.

Your company can also benefit from the Internet of Things!